Unlocking Potential with HAILERZ CHALLENGE

Being a Creative in this part of the world (NIGERIA) can be draining and discouraging when you have no support, encouragement and recognition. As a Nigerian creative who has been into entertainment and the creative Space for over 8years and counting but haven’t been opportuned to meet paying platform for creatives (that stairs up the best in you) as a creative, almost gave up until I found HAILERZ CHALLENGE.

Are you a creative, songwriter, poet, painter, model, scriptwriter, rapper, designer, chef etc…just keep mentioning, they’re numerous to list and trust me HAILERZ got it all covered regardless fo your choice of creativity.

I’ve been opportuned to win twice in the Hailerz Challenge as BEST LYRICIST and BEST SONG COVER.


I urge every creative aspiring to do and get better what ever field to sign up on the site through the link HERE.

You’ll Thank Me Later.

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