How To Check Your Car Insurance Status in Nigeria

Today we’re going to show your different detailed steps you can follow to check your car insurance status in Nigeria. With the availability of improved technology it’s now more easier to see if you actually have a valid or an active car insurance.

To check your insurance status, you will need access to records held by the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database, NIID. This insurance body is responsible for verifying any car insurance registered in Nigeria.

They’re two methods to easily check your car insurance status. The first method is by accessing NIID official website, the second method is using the USSD option.

Method 1: Using NIID Website Official Website

  • Visit NIID official website Here or use this link
  • Select Fleet or Single. Check end of this post to see explanation on this two options.
  • Enter your Registration Number or Policy Number
  • Click the search button and you should see your insurance details.

Method 2: Using USSD option To Check Car Insurance Status

The method was launched in 2019, it’s a lot easier and work on any mobile phone. However it will cost you just N20.

  • To check simply dial *565*11# and then follow the prompt.

Explanation For Single and Fleet Car Insurance.

Single Car Insurance.

This insurance policy cover just one single vehicle. It’s available for single car owners.

Fleet Car Insurance

Fleet insurance covers more than one single vehicle, it’s a good option if you own more one vehicles.

Advantages Of Fleet Car Insurance:

  • One insurer and one renewal date.
  • Reduced administration costs.
  • You pay less for each vehicle in a fleet insurance policy.

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